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Assisted Housing Preservation

Federally supported affordable housing multifamily properties are privately owned by both for-profit and nonprofit owners. They include properties under both HUD and USDA Rural Development programs with federally subsidized mortgages (federally insured or direct federal loans with below-market interest rates) and with project-based rental assistance contracts. In addition, this inventory includes newer properties that received allocations under the federal Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program through a state or local credit allocation agency. More information about specific properties in any jurisdiction is readily available from the National Housing Trust, although not always completely accurate. These developments are threatened by a variety of factors, including market-rate conversion at the end of a restricted use period, deterioration, or agency-initiated terminations or foreclosures. A variety of federal and local budget and policy tools, described in this section, are important for preserving these properties.

For more information on preservation issues related to specific programs, go to the following:
HUD Multifamily Housing Preservation
RHS-RD Housing Preservation
LIHTC Preservation

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