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Vol. 44, Issue 6

July 2014

The July issue of the Housing Law Bulletin provides an overview of reasonable accommodations law, with a specific focus on providing effective communications for blind and deaf tenants participating in federally subsidized housing programs. Additionally, the Bulletin includes a primer for advocates seeking to learn more about mortgage maturity--particularly the potential impact on tenants, as well as existing protections for tenants living in affected properties. This month's Questions Corner tackles the question of whether an automatic bankruptcy stay applies to Housing Choice Voucher tenants facing termination. Finally, the Bulletin features summaries of recent cases, regulations, and notices.

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  • Effective Communication with Deaf and Blind Participants in Federally Subsidized Housing

    Participants of federally subsidized housing programs must communicate with public housing agencies (PHAs), owners, and managers at all stages of the housing process. Fair housing laws obligate housing providers to provide materials and other communications in an effective format as a reasonable accommodation of a participant’s disability. This article provides an overview of the types of...

  • Mortgage Maturity: A Primer for Advocates

    In fiscal years (FY) 2013 through 2015, almost 35,000 affordable housing units nationwide with federally subsidized mortgages face the threat of mortgage maturity, as loans approach the end of their 40-year terms. Upon mortgage maturity, the rent and affordability restrictions contained in the federal regulations and regulatory agreements expire, threatening many low-income tenants with rent...

  • Questions Corner: Housing Choice Voucher Tenants and Bankruptcy

    This edition of Questions Corner is concerned with a Housing Choice Voucher tenant who is facing voucher termination and has filed for bankruptcy, and addresses the question of whether the automatic stay applies to the termination.

  • July 2014 Cases, Notices, and Regulations

    This section includes summaries of recent housing cases, notices, and regulations.

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