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HUD Multifamily Housing Preservation

HUD-subsidized and assisted multifamily properties include those with federally subsidized mortgages (e.g., Section 236, Section 221(d)(3) Below-Market Interest Rate, and Section 202 and 811 properties) and those with federal project-based assistance contracts (usually Section 8). Continued affordable use of these developments is threatened by several factors: market-rate conversion at the end of a restricted use period, deterioration, or agency-initiated terminations or foreclosures. The topics below provide basic information about these issues, including the laws and resources essential for preserving affordable use or protecting tenants whose homes are threatened.

Prepayment of HUD-Subsidized Mortgages
Owner Nonrenewal of Expiring Project-Based Section 8 Contracts ("Opt-outs")
Section 8 Contract Renewals
Troubled Properties, Including Foreclosures & Contract Terminations
Enhanced Vouchers & Tenant Protection Vouchers
State & Local Preservation Initiatives

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