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NHLP and NLIHC Comments dated May 14, 2010 on DOT Experimental Project Triggering Section 3 and DOT response dated June, 25 2010

The National Housing Law Project and the National Low Income Housing Coalition submitted comments on a Department of Transportation (DOT) Notice that proposes to create an experimental project which would allow states to use CDBG funds with their Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funds and thereby trigger HUD’s Section 3 geographic preferences in hiring and contracting.

The proposed Special Experimental Project No. 14 (SEP—14) would apply on a case by case basis and seeks to implement the federal government’s efforts to coordinate DOT, HUD and Environmental Protection Agency policies to create sustainable and livable communities. The comments were submitted May 14, 2010. A copy of the comments is available here.

DOT agreed that it should coordinate with HUD funds subject to Section 3, and commented on local PHA annual plans or ConPlans to get them to implement or improve Section 3. A copy of the DOT response is available here.

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