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Scott v. U.S. Department

Voucher tenants sue HUD and public housing agency to enjoin decrease in payment standard to 90% of Fair Market Rents.

In response to a purported shortfall in its voucher subsidy budget, the Douglas County (Minn.) Housing and Redevelopment Agency (HRA) reduced the payment standard from the HUD published Fair Market Rent (FMR) to 90% of FMR and sought and received a waiver of 24 C.F.R. § 982.505(c)(3) in order to implement the reduced subsidy immediately. As a result, with one month’s notice, two bedroom rents went up by $62 effective October 1, 2010. HUD approval of the waiver was by letter dated June 9, 2010 from Sandra Henriquez Assistant Secretary for PIH and HUD approval of the plan update was by August 30, 2010 letter from Lucia Clausen, Director of Public Housing for the Minnesota Office of HUD.

Key Points


Analysis of Why Payment Standard Reductions Are Not Necessary

Preliminary Injunction

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