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Vol. 45, Issue 5

June 2015

The June-July issue of the Housing Law Bulletin features two articles concerning how HUD and USDA are addressing the issue of mortgage maturity. Mortgage maturity, which results in the loss of affordability restrictions on subsidized units, can result in increased rent burdens for tenants or even displacement. Each article describes a recent notice, issued by HUD and USDA respectively, regarding maturing mortgages. The Bulletin also includes summaries of recent cases, notices, and regulations.

Table of Contents

Mortgage Maturity Update
Rural Development Announces Options for Dealing with Maturing Mortgages
Recent Cases
Recent Housing-Related Regulations and Notices

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  • Mortgage Maturity Update

    In fiscal years (FYs) 2014 through 2016, almost 28,000 affordable housing units nationwide with federally subsidized mortgages face the threat of mortgage maturity, as loans approach the end of their 40-year terms. Upon mortgage maturity, the rent and affordability restrictions contained in federal regulations and regulatory agreements expire. Because of these expiring restrictions, unassisted...

  • Rural Development Announces Options for Dealing with Maturing Mortgages

    Rural Development (RD), a division within the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has belatedly realized that nearly 75% of its current Section 515 rental and 514/516 farm labor housing stock has mortgages that will mature in the next 10 years, and that unless it begins to address the large number of maturing mortgages, many RD residents will be at risk of homelessness. RD began this process...

  • June/July 2015 Cases, Notices and Regulations

    This section includes summaries of recent housing cases, notices, and regulations.

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