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2A. Local Nuisance and Crime Free Ordinances: Advocacy and Litigation Strategies

This workshop will explore strategies for investigating and challenging local ordinances that penalize landlords and tenants for calls to the police or criminal conduct occurring at the property. These local ordinances – often called nuisance, crime-free, or disorderly behavior ordinances – are proliferating around the country and can undermine the safety and housing rights of tenants, including survivors of domestic violence, people living with disabilities, and people of color. Recent advocacy efforts have included lawsuits and HUD complaints against municipalities that enforce these ordinances and the enactment of state legislation preempting these ordinances. The panelists will discuss the impact of these ordinances and the use of litigation, state and local advocacy, open records requests, engagement with HUD, and collaborative partnerships between domestic violence, housing, and civil rights advocacy organizations and others to push for reform.

001. Silencing Women's Voices- Nuisance Property Laws and Battered Women - G Arnold and M Slusser
002. Nuisance Property Laws and Battered Women - G. Arnold
003. Unpolicing the Urban Poor - Consequences of Third-Party Policing for Inner-City Women - M Desmond and N Valdex
004. Silenced- How Nuisance Ordinances Punish Crime Victims in New York - ACLU's Women's Rights Project
005. Safe Homes, Safe Communities - ACLU Women's Rights Project
006. Plaintiff's Motion for a Preliminary Injunction and Memorandum of Points and Authorities in Support Attached + Affidavits (Markham v. Surprise)
007. Amended Complaint (Markham v. Surprise)
008. Complaint (Peters v. Wilkes-Barre)
009. Title VIII Conciliation Agreement (HUD and Berlin)
010. HUD Complaint (Briggs v. Norristown)
011. Verified Second Amended Complaint (Briggs v. Norristown)
012. Fully executed Briggs Release and Settlement Agreement (Briggs v. Norristown)
013. HUD Conciliation Agreement (HUD and Norristown)
014. Addressing Discriminatory Housing Barriers For Victims of Domestic Violence - A Toolkit for Attorneys
015. Pennsylvania' Act 200 - Protections for Victims of Abuse or Crime
016. 53 Pa.C.S. 304 - Protection for victims of abuse or crime
017. Crime Free Housing Cover Letter
018. Crime Free Housing Memorandum
019. Reducing the Cost of Crime Free - Alternative Strategies to Crime Free-Nuisance Property Ordinances in Illinois
020. FOIA Request to DeKalb for Crime Free Documents
021. SB 1547 Fact Sheet (Protecting tenants and landlords from evictions, fines, or loss of a business because they called the police for help)
022. SB 1547 Letter of Support
023. No One Should Be Punished for Calling 911 - K Walz and J Prochaska

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