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2B. Using Racial Justice Advocacy to Increase Housing Opportunity

In this workshop, attorneys from the national Racial Justice Training Institute will examine racial justice advocacy tools and their application to Housing Justice issues. Poverty and race are inextricably linked. In a colorblind practice, advocates may pursue housing policies that do not close the vast chasms that separate people from opportunity along racial/ethnic lines. This workshop will focus on the importance of using racial justice advocacy to increase housing opportunity for low-income clients. The racial justice community in legal services has developed several tools that insure that issues of racial/ethnic discrimination are examined and that race conscious policies and remedies are pursued. The workshop will also provide case studies of racial justice advocacy strategies that have been successfully used by housing advocates. While the tools were developed to address the serious disparities that exist along racial/ethnic lines, the tools can also be applied to gender and LGBTQ issues in housing.

13-1371 bsac Sociologist et al
Community Lawyering Tammi Wong
Framing in Race-Conscious, Antipoverty Advocacy-1
Instituting a Race-Conscious Practice in Legal Aid - One Progam's Effort
Local Land-Use Advocacy - Inclusionary Zoning to Achieve Economic and Racial Integration
RIS's clearinghouse review article

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