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2C. Energy Improvements and Utility Allowances

HUD spends over $9 billion a year on utilities for low-income families, and tenants in HUD-assisted properties spend as much as 21% of their income on utilities (the average Californian spends less than 5%). Millions of dollars have been allocated to fund new and continuing renewable energy programs. These programs can provide housing stability for tenants by driving down energy costs, but only if implemented properly. However, thoughtful implementation is necessary to ensure that tenants receive benefits from energy retrofits and are provided with reasonable utility allowances. This workshop will outline recent developments and discuss how to assist tenants in the process.

0 CA EEFA - Housing CA PPT
0 Utility Allowance PPT
Document 11-1 Exhibit 1 Settlement Agreement - WEBSITE (exh to mtn & separately)
Document 38 Plaintiff's Motion for Final Approval - WEBSITE
PDA Request 4-13-09

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