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2D. Understanding and Improving Local Voucher Utilization and Success Rates

Advocates are all too aware that even after waiting years to obtain a voucher, many families are forced to return their voucher because they can’t find a place to live before the expiration of the search term. As a result, PHAs experience low “success” rates (or, high “turn-back” rates). Some of these PHAs, however, have high “voucher utilization” rates, as published by HUD. How can we reconcile these two concepts and how are they related? How can advocates encourage PHAs to improve both utilization and success rates and why is this important? In what ways are PHAs’ goals aligned with tenant advocates? This workshop aims to answer these questions and deepen participants’ understanding of utilization and success rates including obtaining and interpreting data for each. Panelists will focus on PHA incentives to improve utilization and success rates as well as practical strategies for advocating with your local PHA.

01 Voucher Utilization Presentation
02 Housing Choice Voucher Data Available on CBPP Website
03 How to Use CBPP HCV data
04 Get Ready Letter 2016 HCVP
05 Chart on Payment Standard Section 8 Vouchers

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