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3B. Regional Planning and Inclusionary Zoning: Strategies for Breaching the Barricades to Opportunity and Combating Displacement

The Supreme Court's long overdue recognition of implicit bias as barrier to equal housing opportunity in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project finally places justified emphasis and focus on “zoning laws and other housing restrictions that function unfairly to exclude minorities from certain neighborhoods without any sufficient justification.” At the same time, a housing market on steroids daily displaces persons of color and lower-income households from neighborhoods of opportunity. This workshop will cover two significant tools to counter these forces underlying entrenched segregated housing patterns and lack of affordable housing. Panelist will update folks on legal developments and critical research and provide examples of successes of advocacy in these areas.

HJN 2015 Reg Hsg Planning-IZ PPT
HJN Inclusionary & Regional Planning 2015

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