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6B. Developing an Effective Mobility Program

In two recent studies, Professor Raj Chetty and his colleagues found substantial increases in adult income levels and long term educational attainments for children who move to and grow up in lower-poverty communities – especially where children stay in these neighborhoods for a substantial period of time. This research builds on Moving to Opportunity research that found substantial health benefits for women and girls who move to low-poverty neighborhoods, as well as ongoing educational research on the benefits of school integration for low-income children. These research findings also highlight the unmet potential of the Housing Choice Voucher program, and the urgency of expanding housing mobility programs to help low-income families with children move to safer neighborhoods and better schools. Legal services advocates have been at the forefront of this work for decades, helping to establish many of housing mobility programs around the country. Unfortunately, few of these original programs remain today. This workshop will summarize this new research, and cover all aspects of the development, funding, and administration of an effective housing mobility program designed to assist Housing Choice Voucher families who choose to move from high-poverty to low-poverty neighborhoods. The workshop will describe existing program models, best practices, and funding sources, and will also cover federal and local PHA reforms that are important to augment housing mobility programs – including portability reform, application of exception payment standards and Small Area FMRs, and improved landlord outreach and expanded search times.

Appendix B Laws Barring SOI Discrimination

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