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6C. VAWA 2013: Update on Implementation and Enforcement

This workshop will provide an update on the federal agencies' efforts to implement VAWA 2013's housing provisions as well as discuss strategies on how advocates have worked with housing providers and local agencies to implement VAWA 2013 in their areas. The session will also cover developments on the enforcement of federal housing protections for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking. Further, participants will have an opportunity to raise questions and discuss major issues pertaining to VAWA 2013 and its implementation.

1 2015 HJN VAWA Implementation PPT
2 VAWA Enforcement Update PPT
3 VAWA 2013 Bulletin Article (Jan 2014)
4 HUD-Form-50066_0
5 15-4-1 HUD Proposed VAWA 2013 Rule
6 15-6-1 VAWA Hsing Wkgp Comments to HUD Proposed VAWA Rule
7 15-1-5 Revised-RD-VAWA-2013-Notice

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