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Support NHLP

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Dear NHLP Friends and Colleagues,

Perhaps you reflected over the weekend about things you're thankful for. Some folks, who are without it, would be very grateful to enjoy the security of an affordable and decent place to call home.

Your gift to NHLP will help struggling families and households achieve housing security.

When you give to NHLP, your gift funds our work to advance the housing rights of families who traditionally suffer housing discrimination. You fuel NHLP's efforts to open doors for those who have been "locked out" of neighborhoods of opportunity. Your support helps NHLP to preserve affordable homes for future generations. Your gift allows NHLP to promote tenant protections for those who worry about where they and their children will live, if they are displaced from their current homes or their housing provider opts out of a subsidized housing program.

NHLP has worked for 48 years to advance housing justice but we have so much further to go. In the coming year, with your help, NHLP will:

- Champion housing rights of the elderly, people with disabilities, low-income families with children, immigrants, and survivors of domestic violence;

- Fight wrongful evictions of low-income tenants;

- Expand access to affordable homes and uphold fair housing rights;
- Protect our precious stock of affordable housing against losses; and
- Defend against illegal foreclosure practices that force families out of their homes.

So much of fulfilling our life's dreams begins with a decent and affordable home. When you support NHLP's work, hundreds of thousands of households and families move closer to realizing their dreams.

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