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NHLP Submits Comments on the AFFH Draft Assessment Tool

On November 25, 2014, the National Housing Law Project and thirteen organizations submitted comments to HUD concerning the draft Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) Assessment Tool. NHLP and the signatory organizations expressed strong support for HUD's progress toward implementation of a final AFFH regulation, which includes the Tool. These comments also detailed areas where the Tool must be improved.

In the AFFH Proposed Rule issued last year, HUD indicated that the agency will replace the current Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice with a new process called the "Assessment of Fair Housing" (AFH). As part of the future AFH process, HUD funding recipients will complete the Assessment Tool as part of their required evaluation of the state of fair housing in their jurisdictions and regions. Therefore, the Tool is a critical component of successful AFFH implementation.

NHLP's comments emphasize two important issues: (1) the community participation section of the Tool must ensure that community input is meaningfully solicited and considered; and (2) the Tool must capture information relevant to goals concerning both community reinvestment in high poverty, segregated areas and mobility to higher-income, less segregated areas (a "both/and" approach).

Read the comments here.

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