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Sample of Issues that have been addressed in comments submitted by advocates on PHA plans

Protecting Tenants At Foreclosure Act and HUD PIH Notice 2009-52
These comments were submitted to the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles regarding the implementation of the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act.

Domestic Violence
The PHA Five Year and Annual Plans must include information regarding a PHA’s goals and policies regarding victims of domestic violence

Limited English Proficiency (LEP)
Individuals who have a limited ability to read, write or speak English are considered to have Limited English Proficiency (LEP). PHAs are required to take reasonable steps to ensure meaningful access to their programs and activities by LEP persons.

Reasonable Accommodation
PHA must adopt policies and procedures for responding to applicant’s and tenant’s request for reasonable accommodation.

Voucher Utilization
PHAs are authorized a certain number of vouchers and should adopt polices and practices to ensure that as near to 100% of those vouchers are used on average on a yearly basis.

Voucher Portability
A voucher holder may move from one PHA (the initial PHA) to another (the receiving PHA) and use the voucher in the jurisdiction of receiving PHA. PHAs are required to adopt policies to facilitate the move to another jurisdiction, such moves are referred to as ports and the process is called portability.

Plans to Demolish or Dispose of Public Housing
Before a PHA may demolish or dispose of almost any public housing, the PHA must get HUD approval and certify that the action (demolition or disposition) was authorized in the PHA’s Annual Plan. Advocate have submitted comments on the applications to demolish or dispose of public housing and when such plans are proposed in a PHA Annual plan.

Kin-GAP (for California only)
California’s Kinship Guardian Assistant Payments (Kin-GAP) are excluded from income. Kin-GAPs are payments made on behalf of a related child to the tenant household. Some PHAs have failed to include these payments in the list of excluded income set forth in the Administrative Plan and ACOP.

Public Housing Capital Fund Plans
The PHA plan process includes the PHA’s application for capital funds. Advocates have submitted comments to PHAs on the proposed use of capital funds.

Section 3
PHAs are obligated to comply with Section 3, which requires that PHAs that expend HUD funds provide training, jobs, and economic opportunities for public housing residents and other low-income individuals.

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