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March 16, 2017: NHLP Executive Director Shamus Roller's Statement on Trump Administration's Proposed Federal Budget

This morning, the Trump Administration released a blueprint of their Fiscal Year 2018 proposed budget. Though the contents were not a surprise, the proposal reflects deep cynicism about government support for housing the most vulnerable Americans and the right to a fair trial. In its blueprint, the Administration proposed over $6 billion in cuts for HUD programs, including the elimination of the Community Development Block Grant program and other similar programs that support critical housing and infrastructure needs of local governments.

Despite the claim that the budget will continue to provide housing assistance to the millions of people who access it, the truth is that over 200,000 low-income families across the country will become at-risk of homelessness and housing instability due to cuts to rental assistance. These cuts come at a time when HUD’s budget has already decreased dramatically since 2010, and stand in stark contrast to the large tax cuts that remain for wealthy real estate investors and high-income homeowners.

The Administration also proposed the elimination of the Legal Services Corporation, which provides access to pro bono legal representation. The investment in legal services is a highly cost effective way to help ensure that everyone in our country has access to justice.

The President’s proposal marks the very early stages of the budget process; a process that will eventually require a compromise between the President and Congress. NHLP is dedicated to opposing these irresponsible cuts and preventing the further marginalization of poor families and communities. We will amplify the voices of low income tenants in Washington and arm housing advocates with the tools they need to advocate for access to affordable housing and legal services programs.

There is much work to be done. Please join us.

March 16, 2017: NHLP Co-Sponsors Bill to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing

In response to emerging threats at the federal level, NHLP, along with Public Advocates and Western Center on Law and Poverty, is co-sponsoring a California bill that would amend California's Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) to include an affirmatively furthering fair housing obligation. The requirement would require public agencies to administer their programs and activities related to housing and community development in a way that affirmatively furthers fair housing. Staff Attorney Renee Williams will testify at the bill hearing before the California State Assembly Committee on Housing and Community Development.

March 16, 2017: Join Us for Our "Don't Get RAD-dled" Series!

30-Minute Trainings on What You Need to Know about RAD

HUD is permanently privatizing 185,000 public housing units nationwide through the RAD program. RAD conversions have a profound impact on tenants’ everyday lives, as well as the long-term affordability of our housing stock nationwide. Learn about how to ensure the greatest protections for RAD tenants and the availability of affordable housing in your community. Legal aid attorneys, tenant advocates, and tenant leaders are all welcome to attend.

The 30-minute segments will provide a brief overview of issues that tenants and advocates will encounter in RAD conversions nationwide, with an additional 10 minutes of Q&A. During each session, NHLP staff will discuss the protections guaranteed by RAD, relevant legal authorities, advocacy tips, and other resources.

March 8, 2017: NHLP Supports Investigation of Civil Rights Violations in RAD Conversion

RAD conversions can and have triggered a wide variety of fair housing, civil rights, and relocation issues during and after the conversion process. The article describes the many violations of federal law that advocates in Hopewell, Virginia have uncovered, including the real and drastic consequences that those violations have had on tenants. NHLP Staff Attorney Jessie Cassella is supporting local advocates in Hopewell to file administrative complaints with HUD, as well as engaging in national advocacy with HUD to improve its oversight and enforcement. “The Hopewell conversion is one of the most challenging I’ve seen in terms of the overall depth and breadth of issues raised,” Cassella said. “These problems are really larger than any one tenant or one housing authority — they raise questions about HUD’s oversight of these conversions, especially once they are complete.”

March 7, 2017: NHLP Executive Director Shamus Roller Testifies Before California Senate's Transportation and Housing Committee

On March 7, NHLP Executive Director Shamus Roller was one of the panelists at an informational hearing of the Transportation and Housing Committee of the California Senate concerning California's housing crisis. Shamus spoke on how high housing costs and limited protections for renters are leading to higher rates of homelessness in California.

March 1, 2017: NHLP's Immigration and VAWA Webinars Attract Record Audience Numbers

On February 22 and March 1, nearly 1,400 people tuned into two online trainings conducted by NHLP, along with key national partners, on "Immigrant Access to Federally Assisted Housing Programs" and "HUD's Final Rule Implementing VAWA 2013". Training participants included public housing authorities, subsidized housing providers, federal and local government employees, legal aid attorneys and advocates, as well as victim service providers. Webinar recordings and accompanying materials are available on NHLP's website.

February 1, 2017: NHLP Submits Comments on HUD's Draft RAD Resident Factsheets

On behalf of the National RAD Working Group, NHLP has submitted comments on HUD's draft RAD resident factsheets. These tenant educational materials have the potential to provide the necessary transparency surrounding the terms of the RAD conversion, which is currently lacking in many RAD jurisdictions nationwide. Our comments seek to make the factsheets more accessible and comprehensive in order to ensure adequate and meaningful tenant education and participation throughout the RAD conversion process.

January 12, 2017: NHLP Executive Director Shamus Roller along with NHLP Board Chair and Stanford Law Professor Michelle Anderson's op ed on Ben Carson's nomination to be HUD's new secretary.

Today, the Senate holds hearings to confirm Ben Carson as the Department of Housing and Urban Development's new secretary. Read the full article published in the Los Angeles Times.

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