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Expanding Housing Opportunities for People Who Have Come in Contact with the Criminal Justice System

NHLP established its Reentry Initiative in an effort to increase access to federally assisted housing for people leaving incarceration. For many individuals returning to the community, federally assisted housing is the only option for decent, affordable shelter. Harsh admission policies, however, often prevent people with a criminal record from obtaining such housing. NHLP advocates for public housing authorities and private owners of federally assisted housing to adopt more flexible admission policies and to set aside units for individuals returning to the community.

NHLP provides training to housing advocates on reentry issues. We routinely present webinars on related topics to legal services and other advocates working directly with individuals exiting the criminal justice system. We provide national policy advocacy to HUD on strategies that increase housing opportunities for people who have interacted with the criminal justice system. We also partner with both housing and reentry agencies advocating for change on a local level.

• NHLP publishes An Affordable Home on Reentry: Federally Assisted Housing and Previously Incarcerated Individuals.
• NHLP presents trainings and webinars on a variety of topics related to reentry and housing.
• NHLP provides technical assistance to housing advocates representing tenants who are being denied housing or evicted as a result of criminal activity.
• NHLP helps advocates working on local policies to expand housing opportunities for people with a criminal history.

Statutes and Regulations

HUD Notices, Guidance, and Memos

Cases and Related Pleadings

Reports and Manuals

Trainings and Webinars

Reasonable Accommodation in Housing and Reentry

Local Policies that Expand Housing Opportunities for People with Criminal Records

Lifetime Registered Sex Offenders

Other Resources for Housing Advocates

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